Do You Have a Hardy Business?

8 02 2010

SnowmanDuring my stay here in Provo, Utah, someone recently commented that as a Canadian I should be used to the cold weather and probably didn’t need to wear a coat in -5oC (23oF).  I explained that as a hardy Canadian we layered up with a scarf, mitts, a toque (hat), and sometimes ski pants to stay warm throughout our winters. In Alberta it’s not unusual to have several days of -46oC (-51oF) and then “warming” up to -24oC (-11oF). And this goes on for months and months. (Okay, now I’m whining!)

How hardy is your business? Have you insulated your business for success during that crucial first year?

Experienced small business entrepreneurs often recommend starting small and building momentum by using these tips:

  • Research your competitors to determine what sets you apart from all the others.
  • Select a niche market that wants and can afford your product or services.
  • Keep your “day” job until you can replace your income.
  • Locate your office in your home or garage until you can afford a more prestigious location.
  • Don’t buy all the latest gadgets when a computer, a printer, and a cell phone would be sufficient.
  • Set ambitious but realistic goals for your business.

Bev McCrostie, M.Ed.
Virtual Assistant Certificate
Red Deer College




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