Stepping Out of Your Same-Old

21 01 2010

Ali Brown’s recent blog entitled “Trying Something New” got me thinking of a few things I have done over the past several months to step out of my same-old, same-old.

On January 2 my husband and I cruised for the next 10 days with the Founders of the Brigham Young University Entrepreneurship & Technology Center. This was our first cruise, but that doesn’t fully answer Ali’s question: “When was the last time you did something for the first time?”

Sting ray

While on the cruise, I kissed a sting ray! What, you’re not totally impressed with that? Okay, maybe that’s not such a big deal for you, but I was not thrilled with them swimming around me, anxious for me to feed them. I could clearly hear the theme music from “Jaws” the whole time. The point is that even though I was really nervous, I did it.

I also tried out snorkelling for the first time. What a fun experience. I’m not sure why I have never tried it before. Quite likely it’s just another of those experiences that I have not bothered to seek out. While I’m not quite ready to purchase my own equipment, I do plan on seeking out more opportunities to snorkel.

This blog site is a first for me. I’ve written a few articles that were posted on other sites and in magazines, but I was reluctant to commit to a routine of posting and coming up with article ideas. As well, I find it daunting to put my ideas and thoughts out there for others to read and comment on. What if they say something nasty! I realize that I don’t have to approve them, but that seems like a half-hearted risk on my part – why not allow those who disagree with me to post their opinions? I’m going to think on that for a bit. So far I don’t think I’ve written anything controversial.

But what about you? Let me repeat Ali’s question: “When was the last time you did something for the first time?”




One response

28 01 2010
Michelle Jamison

Oh Bev, what a great article and what a powerful question! The fact that I am sitting here, not able to come up with an automatic response lets me know that I really need to do something for the first time and soon…LOL!

BTW –totally impressed with the whole “kissing a stingray”

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