Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day

18 01 2010

As a Canadian visiting the United States for a year, I am unfamiliar with the holiday Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I asked the young couple working out in the apartment gym what exactly is done to celebrate the day. They smiled and replied, “Exercise,” but then went on to briefly explain that there wasn’t anything special done to commemorate this day.

So I decided to listen to Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech “I Have a Dream” in YouTube. (I love YouTube. That and Wikipedia are two of my favourite resource websites.)

Given in August 1963, it is a timeless inspiring message for everyone.  Within two months of his speech, congress passed a new civil rights bill into law.

For me it is a reminder of the difference one person can make. One person who stands up for what is good and true.  People like Martin Luther King Jr. are an inspiration to me in my life’s journey to make a difference in the lives of those around me.

Bev McCrostie, M.Ed.
Virtual Assistant Certificate
Red Deer College




One response

19 01 2010
Michelle Jamison

Thanks so much for sharing this. I have to be competely honest, although I have heard “snippets” of this speech, I have not heard it in it’s entirety. I’m almost ashamed to say this considering the importance of the message.

After reading your post, you have inspired me to take a moment, listen and reflect. Thank you!

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