Creating Your Dream Team

27 12 2009

The size of your dream (for your business and/or personal life) often determines the size of your team. Who have you included in your team and why?

Share Your Business Passion – I truly believe you are as good as your team.  I myself am a very motivated upbeat person so I need people on my team who share that passion with me. They are always striving to get better, learn more, and also most importantly, have fun while we do it.  I also want my team to truly be the best at what they do.  Not everyone can excel at everything, but if you find those who excel at the areas you need most, you have a winning combination.     Diana Ennen

Supportive Family & Committed Team Members – First and foremost my family is an integral part of my personal and work team. Without the support of loved ones, success in any field can be difficult to achieve.  My family has given me the love, support and freedom to spread my wings, reach my goals and has allowed me to set new ones. Along with a supportive family, I also have a fantastic team of VAs who without a doubt are the hardest working and commitment-minded individuals I’ve had the pleasure of working with.  Their love of the profession shows in everything they do and obviously contributes to the success of my business and the client’s happiness, satisfaction and what keeps our clients, long term clients!    Michelle Jamison

Same Business Ethics & Cover Your Weak Areas – Alignment with the right people to complement your business is one secret to achieving your dream goals.  You should align yourself with people who have the same business ethics, morals and practices that you believe in so that your business grows towards your goals.  Also, it is very important to have members on your team that may fill your weak areas.  An example, if you find yourself disorganized then a business partner who is very organized may teach you the skills you need to attain your productivity goals.  Monkey see, monkey do.  Another way to reach your dreams is to do what you love to do and are passionate about and outsource work that you don’t love doing to other team members who do.  Follow your passions and you’ll find success.     Tawnya Sutherland

Bev McCrostie, M.Ed.
Virtual Assistant Certificate
Red Deer College




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