Yikes! I Am Becoming My Mother

10 12 2009

Recently I attended the Startup Princess Annual Conference for Women Entrepreneurs in Salt Lake City, Utah. During Heather Bailey’s Keynote address (heatherbaileydesign.com), she asked if anyone had a tissue. I quickly reached into my bag and pulled out a package of Kleenex.

While Heather might have appreciated the opportunity to wipe away her tears (she had an inspiring message for women entrepreneurs that touched everyone’s heart), I had one of those “oh, boy” moments. Exactly when did I start loading into my bag:  a mending kit, hand cream, Tylenol, whiteboard markers, toothpaste, AA batteries,  3 rulers, 2 jumpsticks, a handful of mints – to name just a few. Do I need all those things? Well, you just never know when they might come in handy.

But that’s not my only resemblance to my mother. My sisters tease me that just like mom, I can strike up a conversation with virtual strangers. My response is, “Have you never heard of networking?!” What better way to connect with other women entrepreneurs than striking up conversations with the conference attendees. I came away with new contacts and ideas for reaching other markets.

Networking doesn’t have to be just at face-to-face events where you hand out and collect business cards, trying out your various elevator speeches to see which are the most effective. Networking is also being seen online with a blog, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. It’s writing articles, commenting on other’s blogs, and sponsoring local and online events. For a small dollar amount, you can get the word out about your unique business offering.

So yes, I do talk to strangers and I do have a spare (clean) Kleenex in my bag – just in case.

Bev McCrostie, M.Ed.
Virtual Assistant Certificate
Red Deer College




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